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Beginner and advanced courses teaching long range marksmanship techniques.

Backcountry Hunter


$1100 5-Day Course


July 26-30, 2014

Home Range Information:

Yakima, Washington - (Restaurants / HotelsRange Directions)

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Course Description:

Magpul Dynamics and Guiderite Adventures have collaborated to deliver the ultimate instruction for the hunter that wants to push beyond the status quo and undertake a do-it-yourself backcountry backpack hunting trip. The backcountry hunter’s course is designed to provide the student with all the necessary skills to safely and (hopefully) successfully fill your tag in the solitude of the wilderness. The student will spend two days on the range receiving instruction on practical field shooting skills under the Magpul Dynamics Precision Hunter course. Upon completion of the range time the student will spend three days and two nights in the backcountry of the Washington Cascade mountains learning all the skills needed to assist them in the successful undertaking of a do-it-yourself backcountry hunt. This is not a tactical rifle course, nor is this to be considered a Hunter’s Education class.  Each student will be expected to possess basic firearms safety and weapons handling skills.

What You Will Learn:

During the two-day precision hunter portion: 

  • Rifle Set-Up and Accessories
  • Telescopic Sight Theory and Operation
  • Basic Angular Units of Measure (Minutes of Angle and Milradians)
  • Basic External Ballistics and Ballistic Solvers
  • Understanding Ballistic Drop Compensated Turrets and Reticles
  • Reading Atmospheric Conditions and Wind
  • Unconventional and Field Shooting Positions
  • Establishing Ranges to Targets
  • Terminal Ballistics and Bullet Composition
  • How to know your limitations.

During the three-day backcountry adventure portion:

  • Personal Equipment and Clothing
  • Pack Selection, Fit, Loading and Wear
  • Weapon and Optic Selection and Carriage
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Basic Land Navigation
  • Live-Fire Field Shooting Scenarios
  • Proper Hiking Techniques
  • Techniques of Observation and Game Detection
  • Pre-Season Scouting
  • Camp Site Selection
  • Fire Starting
  • Backcountry First Aid
  • Emergency Situations and how to handle them
  • Butchering/Meat Cooling/Packing 

Gear List:

The Backcountry Hunter’s course is meant to show students the capabilities and limitations of their hunting rifles and other gear that they plan to use in the field.  Whichever rifle you’re shooting, bring it to the course and we’ll show you how to employ it to its maximum potential.  The same stands for the scope you’ve chosen; bring it along and we’ll show you how to manipulate the turrets, make sense of the knobs and how to understand your reticle.  Basically you bring it, and we’ll show you how to extract the most potential out of it. Because the Backcountry Hunter Course includes a backcountry component, the gear list will include the necessary equipment for that as well. 

Full gear list here.

Other Information:

This course is an adventure, and as such, will have its associated risks as with any trip taken into a wilderness environment with dependence on self reliance. Our students’ safety and well-being is of the utmost importance and every precaution will be taken to ensure all have a safe and enjoyable experience. The Cascade Mountains are not gentle, and it is highly recommended that the student be physically capable of sustained strenuous activity such as climbing and traversing steep and uneven terrain, all while under potentially adverse weather conditions.