Precision Rifle

Private Citizens, LE, MIL
Beginner and advanced courses teaching long range marksmanship techniques.

Designated Marksman Rifle/Special Purpose Rifle


$600 3-Day Course (Additional $25 Per Day Range Fee Due on Training Day 1)

Round Count:

600 Rounds of Match Ammunition (Please review our Handloading Policy)

Home Range Information:

Yakima, Washington - (Restaurants / HotelsRange Directions)

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Course Description:

The Designated Marksman Rifle/Special Purpose Rifle (DMR/SPR) course curriculum is designed to provide the student with the fundamentals of marksmanship and tactical employment of the DMR/SPR type weapon systems in offensive and defensive operations at mid ranges.  This course can be considered an introductory level precision rifle course and is an excellent stepping stone prior to attending Long Range Precision 1.  While basic weapons and optics manipulations will be covered, it is recommended that the student have a solid understanding of the basic function of their chosen weapon system.  Attending a basic carbine manipulation course such as Magpul Dynamics Carbine 1 is also highly recommended.  The student should expect to participate in weapons manipulation drills and should be able to demonstrate safe weapon handling skills at all times.  The student should expect target engagements from 50 to 600 yards.

You Will Learn:

  • DMR/SPR Weapon System Nomenclature
  • Weapon Set-Up and Accessories
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Basic Telescopic Sight Theory and Operation
  • Basic Angular Units of Measure
  • Weapon and Optic Manipulation
  • Basic External Ballistics
  • Range Estimation Techniques
  • Effects of Weather and Wind
  • Unconventional Shooting Positions
  • Threat Acquisition and ID
  • Introduction to Multiple Target Engagements

Gear List:

The DMR/SPR course requires either a Designated Marksman or Special Purpose rifle.  These weapons are gas/piston operated and can be classified by their level of accuracy, mostly falling within 3 Minutes of Angle (MOA) or better.  Most gas/piston weapons today are capable of well within 1 MOA using Match ammunition.  AR-15/M4 platforms with 16” and longer barrels, SCAR’s, ACR’s, M-14’s, M1A’s, M1A Scouts and Mini -14’s are all within this class of weapons.  Optics for these weapons mainly consists of variable power optics in the 2.5x – 10x, 1x – 6x, 1x – 8x or similar magnification.  Optics such as 1x – 4x or fixed 4x are not recommended; however the course can be completed successfully using them.  (Positive target ID and point of aim become difficult past 450 yards.)  These optics should have a reticle system that is capable of estimating ranges to targets using either the Minute Of Angle (MOA) or Milradian (MIL) system.  It is highly recommended that the student bring along any special tools required to adjust/manipulate their chosen telescopic sights.  It is also recommended that the student have on hand the optic’s instruction manual to assist in identifying reticle subtensions and zero-stop procedures if they are not already known.

Required gear to attend the course:

  • Front and Rear Rifle Supports (Bipods adjustable for height and cant and a rear bean-bag.)
  • Rifle Cheek Piece (If the rifle does not possess an adjustable cheek piece; foam and duck-tape.)
  • Rifle Cleaning Equipment (To include spare weapon parts such as bolts, extractors, firing pins, etc.)
  • Rifle Sling (The Magpul MS3 is an excellent precision rifle sling.)
  • Pen/Pencil and a Notebook
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather conditions.  (We will shoot rain, shine, sleet or snow.  Please be prepared and check local weather forecasts.)
  • Baseball or Boonie Style Hat or other suitable headgear.
  • Water Hydrating Device
  • A pack that is suitable for carrying all your range gear for the day
  • Range Chair (Most all instruction will be conducted under field conditions.)
  • 7x Magazines appropriate for your weapon.  (Bring spares.)
  • Load Bearing Equipment (Must be able to carry at least 6x magazines)
  • A Positive Mental Attitude and an Open Mind

Additional Gear that is helpful for the student, but not required for attendance or completion:

  • Shooting Mat of some kind.
  • Spotting Scope and Tripod (Highly recommended; one scope/tripod will be used per two shooters.)
  • Binoculars (Highly recommended; used in lieu of a spotting scope.)
  • Laser Rangefinder (Magpul Dynamics will provide all ranges to targets when necessary, but this is an excellent opportunity for the student to check their equipment’s capabilities and limitations.)
  • Personal Weather Station (Magpul Dynamics will provide all atmospheric data required, but this is an excellent opportunity for the student to check their equipment’s capabilities and limitations.)
  • Ballistic Solver Software/Application  (Magpul Dynamics will provide each shooter with a complimentary tablet loaded with Applied Ballistics Mobile that the student will use for the duration of the course.  Should the student possess a device with an Android operating system and wishes to utilize their own, we recommend Applied Ballistics Mobile.)

Other Information:

The student should expect moderate activity levels during this course.  The student will be expected to negotiate stress drills designed to place the shooter under both physical and mental stress for a short period of time.  Most of the range time will be spent in standing and unconventional shooting positions.  The curriculum is balanced with classroom lecture and practical application drills to directly reinforce the topic discussed.  Magpul Dynamics provides a complimentary Rifle Data Book to each student.  For the majority of the course the student will be co-located with their vehicle.  The student should be self-sufficient with an ample supply of water and chow for lunch.