Weapon Manipulation

Private Citizens, LE, MIL
Offering beginner and advanced courses in handgun, carbine, precision rifle and shotgun that start with core fundamentals to build practical real-life techniques.

Dynamic Carbine 1

$450 - 2 day course | students provide their own ammo: 800rds, 200rds pistol
$600 - 3 day course | students provide their own ammo: 1250rds, 250rds pistol
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Course Description

An entry-level course where students are familiarized with their rifles. The class will thoroughly cover:

  • Proper choice and placement of gear
  • Different optics and accessories
  • Effective shooting stance
  • Proper weapon grip
  • Recoil control
  • Sight alignment
  • Sight picture using iron sights and electronic optics
  • Trigger control
  • Speed reloads
  • Tactical reloads
  • Possible malfunctions of the rifle
  • Strong and weak hand shooting while both stationary and on the move
  • Different shooting positions
  • Choosing the proper position for the task

The course starts in the classroom and will include extensive dry fire exercises.


A functional carbine or submachine gun chambered in 5.56x45, 5.45x39 or 7.62x39mm or standard pistol caliber weapon systems. If available, a spare weapon system is also an excellent idea. A cleaning kit and tools that are compatible with the weapon system(s) in question is also a must. Each student should have a minimum of 5 working magazines. Sometimes magazines will make it in your dump bag and sometimes they won't. If they hit the ground they can become fouled, causing weapon malfunctions and time off the line.

  • Note pad, and pen/pencil
  • Clothing suited to strenuous type activity as well as being seasonally appropriate
  • Appropriate foot wear
  • Rain gear / cold weather gear (seasonal)
  • Ear pro (electronic preferred)
  • Eye pro, which wraps around
  • Clear lenses for night shoots
  • Baseball style hat recommended
  • Primary weapon sling, single point, or a good system that allows flexibility for transitions and reaction side weapon manipulations
  • A rig that can carry a minimum of four (4) primary magazines on your person
  • Functioning secondary weapon system, and three working magazines
  • A holster and magazine pouch that will retain your equipment when moving
  • Primary weapon mounted light
  • Secondary weapon mounted or handheld light
  • Spare bulbs and batteries for all lights
  • Tools that work on your weapon
  • Weapons lube
  • Optics will require adjustment tools and spare batteries
  • Water hydrating device
  • Knee and Elbow pads (optional)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • An open mind.