Weapon Manipulation

Private Citizens, LE, MIL
Offering beginner and advanced courses in handgun, carbine, precision rifle and shotgun that start with core fundamentals to build practical real-life techniques.

Dynamic Shotgun Employment

$450 - 2 day course

Students provide their own ammo:

  • 600 rounds bird
  • 50 rounds buck
  • 50 rounds slug
  • 100 rounds pistol

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Course Description

This course covers the proper employment of a shotgun from both a tool of deadly force to a tool with less-than-lethal capabilities. This is an intensive one-day course for the operator with a basic understanding of shotgun employment including proper round selection, tactical reloads and combat reloads. The course will consist of 2 days of intense instruction and range time.


  • Pump or Automatic Shotgun
  • Ammunition
  • Either a drop pouch, shell carry pouch, side saddles or speed pouches OK
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection (electronic preferred)
  • Hydrating device
  • Weapons cleaning gear
  • Gloves (optional)